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What would it take?

Do you know what you’re looking for, or what you might look for in your next job role – beyond a salary expectation?

While salary and compensation are the number one drivers for most job candidates when looking for their next role (according to a SEEK Laws of Attraction survey), an increasing number of other factors such as job security and flexibility are influencing employment choices in the construction industry.  

But if it’s not a question you can answer easily, how do you know when a role is the right move for you?

One way is to consider the drivers that have you contemplating leaving your current role. What are you reacting to that’s forcing you to search for other opportunities? What is it you don’t like about your current role?

Once you’ve defined what it is you don’t want in your next role, you can start to shape what it is you are looking for.

Ask yourself:

What type of company culture am I looking for?

What size organisation do I think suits my working style?

What career growth opportunities am I looking for?

How do I like to be managed?

What type of project would I like to work on?

How important to me is flexibility, and what does this look like?

Articulating your answers to these questions is not only going to give you a great sense of direction in your job search, but also make you a formidable candidate for the right organisation as you demonstrate a clear vision and how a particular role will bring out your best.

Better still, regularly asking yourself these questions and exploring opportunities throughout your career (not just when you are actively searching) allows you to develop a great sense of self, how your work fits into your life, and what you want to achieve in your career.

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