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What to consider when selecting a recruiter for your hiring requirements

Finding the right candidate for your open position is imperative in today’s economy. But without the resources internally, it can be timely, and the cost of selecting the wrong person can run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Working with a recruiter can be a game changer when it comes to streamlining your hiring process and avoiding bad hires, and a great recruiter will become a valuable extension to your growing business, saving you both time and money.

The true value in your relationship with your recruiter will be in the transparent and unbiased recruitment and selection process; one that results in the appointment of the best candidate, based solely on merit and best-fit with your organisational values, philosophy, and goals.

So how do you go about recruiting the right recruiter for your business?

Consider the following criteria when selecting a recruiter for your hiring requirements:

Ask around

A good recruiter will have a solid reputation within the market and amongst their peers, which can only come from years of experience and proven results. How long have they been around? What is the combined experience of the team?

Your recruiter should be well resourced in their area of specialisation with a strong network and industry knowledge, and be able to answer with authority any questions you might ask of them.

A strong brand presence will also give you a good indication of how progressive they are in moving with the times and keeping a competitive edge within a crowded market.

Are they industry specific?

Just as your business has a niche, so should the recruiter that you work with. A recruiter who specialises in placing Civil Engineers for example is going to have a vastly different network to one who works with Marketing Managers. So be sure to find a recruiter who is well-versed in your industry and has a solid network in place.

How well do they want to get to know you and your business?

Before they can possibly find someone to fit with your business, your recruiter must have a good understanding of your organisation’s structure, culture and its goals. That means meeting you in person, completing on-site visits and getting to know your business intimately.

A great recruiter will also keep you in mind for future candidates. Touching base occasionally to see how business is going not only gives them feedback on how their candidates are performing, but allows them to anticipate your needs when they come across exceptional people.

Do they have an in-depth screening process?

There’s a common misconception that when you brief a recruiter they will just do a quick search on LinkedIn, skim through their database or throw an ad up on a job board. Whilst these are all valuable tools when used properly, this couldn’t be further from the truth (in most cases anyway!) when looking at the entire process. So it’s up to you to find out exactly how your recruiter of choice plans to work on your brief.

Everything from physical requirements to how the job fits in the company structure is important in order to recommend a candidate that can not only do the job, but will want to stay and grow with your company. Someone who does not fit in with your company culture will only cost you time and resources and inevitably another turnover. So it’s just as important that the relationship the recruiter has with the candidate is as strong as the one they have with you so they are placing happy candidates.

Fee structure and replacement guarantees

What is your recruiter’s fee structure? Are they going to ask for a portion of the fee up front? Are they charging you a fee based on a percentage of the successful candidate’s salary? Are they offering any guarantee in the event the candidate doesn’t stay for whatever reason?

Finally, as a hiring manager it can be tempting to work with multiple agencies to widen your chances and increase possible turnaround times, or even work with those offering the lowest fee structure. Unfortunately however, this can often lead to an oversupply of inappropriate candidates, low levels of customer service, loss of time and money. Instead, find one who understands your business, the market and can become a true extension of your business for optimum results.

By using the same due diligence in recruiting a recruiter in the same way you would for an internal position, you’ll be rewarded with a valuable working relationship that builds the most important part of your business – it’s people.

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