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Candidates: What to Ask During a Job Interview

“Do you have any questions for us?”

It’s a common moment in any job interview, and used wisely it can be a great opportunity to decide if this is the company and role for you, and to make a positive impression on the hiring manager, increasing your chances of receiving an offer.

Most questions will arise naturally as the conversation progresses, however it can be useful to prepare a few questions beforehand, helping demonstrate professionalism, interest and commitment. It can also help give the impression that you are already thinking from an internal perspective and how you will fit within the organisation.

Here’s a few suggested questions to ask the hiring manager in your next job interview:


What are some of the challenges that the predecessor faced in the role?

Remember that the interview is just as much about you assessing the company as it is about the interviewer assessing you. Smart interviewees will always want to know what they are in for, and understanding the immediate challenges of the job will help determine if it’s a role in which you can truly excel.

Questioning why the role is vacant can also provide good insights, or if it’s newly created, ask who was previously responsible for the tasks and how these will be transitioned.


What are you hoping the next person in this role can achieve in the next 6 months?

All too often, job descriptions present routine tasks and responsibilities. Asking about specific expectations and accomplishments can allow you to tailor the conversation to demonstrate your fit for the position.


Do you have any reservations about my fit for the position that I could try to address? Is there anything that is missing from my CV that you need?

Asking an interviewer if there’s something missing or of concern on your resume is a great opportunity to address any gaps before your potential employer makes a decision.

Not only does it give you a chance to resolve any hesitations the employer might have about you, but it also demonstrates that you can take constructive criticism and are eager to improve – valuable qualities in any new employee. This is a good practice to get into so you can make necessary changes to your resume or how you present yourself in your next job interview.


What opportunities will I have to learn, grow and progress in the company?

This is a great question for demonstrating your desire to progress with a company. Ask is they offer formal or informal mentoring and coaching? Do they invest in continued education or professional training? Great companies want to hire people who are dedicated to personal and professional growth, so show your hiring manager that continued development is important to you.


Senior executive roles in particular call for above average candidates, so be prepared for your job interview by including some of these questions to help separate yourself from the other candidates.


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