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What recruiters see when you apply for a job via LinkedIn


LinkedIn is fast becoming the go-to platform for professionals to not only grow their networks, but to find new job opportunities.

If you’ve ever scrolled through or applied for a job via LinkedIn, you may have noticed the ‘Easy Apply’ button and wondered how this differs to sending a resume through?



The Easy Apply button simply allows you to use your LinkedIn profile to apply for the position, without leaving the platform. Here’s what a typical form will look like, which will pre-populate with your details:


You also have the option to attach your resume and cover letter here too, which we recommend doing.

Sometimes you might also have a set of screening questions to complete before continuing with your application. These are to ensure you meet the minimum requirements for the job (such as local experience, degree qualifications and minimum number of year’s experience).


What a recruiter sees after you’ve applied via the Easy Apply link

A recruiter’s first view of your application is a snapshot of your LinkedIn profile, including your profile photo, headline, current and past work history, education, contact details and keywords which are mostly picked up from the skills and endorsements section of your profile.



LinkedIn will then use the data from your profile to complete the criteria match based on skills, job function, relevant experience, location and industries you have recorded.


Optimising your LinkedIn profile

Because this snapshot is what recruiters see first, it’s important to optimise your profile to ensure your application has the best chance of making it through to interview stage.

Complete your profile with our guide here by including:

  • Name
  • Photo
  • Headline
  • Current title, company, and tenure
  • Past titles, companies, and tenures
  • Education


Using the LinkedIn Easy Apply option in your job search is a great tool, and with an optimised profile, you’ll increase your success rate of progressing through to interviews and telling us more about yourself offline.

Want to try Easy Apply for yourself? Check out our jobs board for current vacancies, or register your interest for future opportunities here.

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