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The importance of stories in an interview


Want to know what makes a lasting impression in an interview?

A great story.

Not only do stories help bring your skills and experience to life, they also engage the interviewer and leave a lasting impression.


using stories in an interview


Stories have the ability to communicate and create rapport with the interviewer through emotional connection, showing who you are as a person, what excites you, your values and strengths, and how you’ve operated in previous positions.


So how do you share a story in your job application? Here’s our tips.


Listen for the cues

Behavioral questions in an interview are your cue to share your stories of success from similar roles or situations. Listen for questions like “Tell me about a time when you failed” or “What is the most difficult/challenging situation you’ve ever had to resolve in the workplace?”

This is your chance to demonstrate why you’re the best candidate for the position in the most compelling way possible.

Providing the end result of a relevant story in your cover letter will also go a long way in progressing your application too, as we’ll be intrigued to find out more.


Have examples ready to go

We’ve already read your resume and know your credentials and competence – so blow us away by demonstrating your relevancy and showing that you can adapt your skills and experience to a company’s needs through examples.

Do your research and prepare answers for how your work can directly benefit the company’s current difficulties, or elevate the relevancy of the position.

Examples of leadership, overcoming challenges or dealing with conflicting personalities will all come in handy on the day.


Get to your point, early

Unlike a child’s bedtime story that is designed to put them to sleep, this isn’t the result you’re looking for in an interview. So make your point early, provide context, and don’t ramble.


Humans have been telling stories for thousands of years, so articulating your stories in a way that demonstrates your experience, skills and suitability will come naturally to you if you come to the interview prepared with the relevant examples. Just be yourself!


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