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One of the most effective staffing strategies in construction to help control costs, manage risk, cope with peaks in workload and develop a pipeline of tried-and-tested talent, is the use of temporary or on-hire contractors.

With a strong history of over 30 years in the construction industry, we’ve built a solid database of technical white-collar professionals and are able to provide you with quality personnel within a short time frame.


Reasons to consider on-hire contractors for your project may include:


  1. Flexibility around demand: On-hiring contractors is an effective strategy to match the workflow of your business. If work picks up you can offer staff more hours and longer-term contracts or hire additional workers. If work decreases, you can decrease hours, contractor numbers or reduce the length of contracts.
  2. Pay for the hours worked: Whilst hourly rates are typically higher than permanent rates to offset leave entitlements, businesses pay only for the time worked.
  3. Engage temp staff permanently: As economic conditions improve (or contractors prove their contribution is critical to the long-term needs of the business), individuals can be engaged as permanent employees of the business. During times of economic recovery, the ability to quickly engage well-trained, proven temps as staff members can be key to winning market share and expanding services or diversifying.


Partner with an informed recruiter

Australia’s workplace laws in relation to engaging on-hire employees have become more complex over the last few years. If you decide that employing temporary staff is a strategy you’d like to pursue, partnering with Stratacon Professional Recruitment ensures you’re working with a licensed Labour Hire organisation, and we’re also equipped to guide you on the Fair Work Act Amendment to offer casual conversion.

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