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Should I Stay, or Should I Go? How to Decide if it’s Time to Leave Your Job


Are you at a crossroads between staying in your current job and starting the search for a new one?

Making the decision to quit your job isn’t an easy one, and understanding why you want to leave your current position can play an important part in discovering what you want out of your next role.  There are also good and bad reasons to leave, so here’s some tell-tale signs it may be time for change.


There’s no room for growth

No matter what your ambitions are for career progression, committing your time and effort to a company or role that doesn’t excite you, challenge you or provide room for growth will only create a cycle of repetition and constant Mondayitis.

If this is the case and your reason for unrest, speak with your Manager about your concerns, and if a resolution and action plan can’t be implemented, take the next steps in sourcing a new job, and be sure to make this a priority when considering new roles.

Toxic management

Another common (and good) reason for leaving your current job is bad management. Whether it’s a personality type, values or how they handle internal issues, toxic management can effect an entire company culture and unfortunately be the cause for loosing great employees.

If you’re in this situation, think about what truly aggravates you about your boss. If it’s a personality quirk or interpersonal issue, take note of the traits so you can identify them in future job interviews, or if it’s a matter of leadership or decision-making, can you identify solutions you could present to a new employer, showing that you’ve got what it takes to be a better leader? Answer these questions before you choose a new job, so that you don’t jump hastily from one bad situation into another.

You’re being recruited by other companies

Received a call from a competitor or recruiter lately? This is a great sign that your skills are hot property and that there are other opportunities out there.

Regardless of you being ready to leave yet or not, consider meeting with them to hear about potential roles available as one could just be your dream job.

The company culture isn’t a good fit for you

A company’s culture plays an integral role in your overall happiness, and consequently it’s also one of the most popular deciding factors when considering a new role.

Consider what it is that motivates you, what makes you happy, and how work fits in with your lifestyle as these will become indicators you search for in future companies.

So if you’ve made the decision it’s time to search for a new job, make note of what it is you don’t want in your next role and keep this top of mind when moving through the interview process.


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