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Optimise your Hiring Practises by Creating a Happy Workplace




We understand it can be difficult to find and retain top talent as a small business.

Building your employer brand whilst competing with larger organisations who can offer larger salaries can present challenges when hiring, however being smaller in size can have it’s advantages too.

Knowing what your employees enjoy about their workplace and creating opportunities for them to have an input on what can be improved will play a crucial role in building a happy workplace culture, increasing staff production and retention rates, and your employer brand will speak for itself through raving, happy staff. Being smaller in size means you have the agility to obtain this feedback and quickly make changes where required.


As recruiters we conduct hundreds of interviews each week and one of the key questions we ask is why they are looking to leave their current employer, as this helps us in matching them with a role and company that does offer those benefits, and ultimately create a happier workplace experience.

So what attributes to a happy workplace? Here’s our observations to consider.



Work life balance

Employees value a company who place a high priority on providing an environment that encourages work life balance. For many this may mean having the option to work remotely, flexibility around start times or being provided with the option to earn extended annual leave. Team break out days are another well-received way of committing to a culture of balance.

Making a difference

This is a big one for the younger generations in particular who are (thankfully) conscious of the effects we have on everything around us. So being a part of a company that has a social or environmental responsibility increases the likelihood of attracting the right talent and keeping them happy.

Opportunity for growth

Happiness for many driven individuals is about knowing there’s opportunity to grow and move up in the company. Knowing a path to increased success and reward is inspiring and motivating and often all they need to be happy at work as it provides a roadmap to achieving their goals.

Positive company culture

A company culture of positivity and teamwork is a high priority for younger generations in particular, as they seek a workplace that integrates with their social life and reflects their own values.

Creating a culture that encourages fun, promotes team work and togetherness and to what degree will help drive workplace happiness.


There’s a quote floating around the internet saying ‘People don’t quit jobs, they quit managers.’ The same goes with co-workers. If employees enjoy the company of their co-workers and respect management, they’re jumping out of bed to hang out with them!

On the job training

Company’s providing entry-level employees the opportunity to learn and gain experience through graduate programs, or training and personal development for all employees to learn and grow with the company help ensure happiness and increase retention of staff.



Finding out what’s important to your employees will go a long way in promoting workplace happiness, and promoting this as part of your employer branding will also attract more of the talent to grow great teams.

Allocating the time and resources to finding talent that fits within your culture, who have the required skills and show promise for adding value to your business can however be a timely task. That’s where a specialised recruiter can be of assistance, saving you time on search, screening and turnover.


If you’d like to discuss how we can be of assistance to building your team, contact us today on or 03 9867 2406.

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