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Do you know what you’re looking for, or what you might look for in your next job role – beyond a salary expectation? While salary and compensation are the number…read more


Organisations are quickly discovering that soft skills can be the difference between great employees and good ones. Whilst they are intangible and harder to quantify than job-related hard skills, soft…read more


Last week the Andrews Labor Government announced a rezoning of 12 Melbourne suburbs to build 50,000 new homes and include a mixture of employment, residential and mixed-use neighbourhoods.  This is great…read more


So you’ve graduated, got a few years’ local experience up your belt and want to know ‘what’s next’ in your career as an architect, right? Listen up. There are numerous…read more


In today’s candidate-led employment landscape, a recruiter’s role of sourcing top talent in a timely and efficient manner is now more important than ever, particularly in Melbourne’s built environment. We’ve…read more


Our Specialist Recruitment Consultant in Engineering and Project Management, Nathan Fulford, has been in the unique position of experiencing both sides of the recruitment journey during his career, and offers…read more


A new year has kicked off, and if you’ve returned to work (or preparing to) then you could find yourself in one of two mindsets: either rested and ready to…read more


This time of year often presents itself as a valuable time to reflect on the year that’s been, and what we would like achieve moving forward. Personal development is a lifelong…read more


December is the month that just keeps on giving in the Stratacon office! After celebrating Neil McEwan’s 8th office anniversary, this week we welcome back Nathan Fulford to the team!…read more


It’s a special week here in the Stratacon office as we celebrate the eighth anniversary of our Commercial Construction Team Leader, Neil McEwan! Working in the business of finding great…read more