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Making the Most of Your Recruiter

In today’s candidate-led employment landscape, a recruiter’s role of sourcing top talent in a timely and efficient manner is now more important than ever, particularly in Melbourne’s built environment.

We’ve touched on what to consider when choosing the right recruiter for your hiring needs in this previous post, and whilst it can be tempting to throw the net far and wide across multiple agencies to increase your chances of getting the position filled quickly, the results are often the opposite.

Instead, choosing to work exclusively with your recruiter of choice creates an extension to your business and hiring efforts as they learn the ins and outs of your brand and company culture, allowing the recruiter to do what they do best, and for your business to continue uninterrupted during the process.

Benefits of building an exclusive relationship with your recruiter of choice include:

Saves time

Allowing the recruiter to work exclusively on your placement not only saves you the time in search and number of contacts to brief, but also fielding the candidates put forward.

Reduces the amount of CV’s

Whilst this may seem counter productive, by allowing a recruiter to focus on your placement exclusively, the number of CV’s crossing your desk from multiple consultants (and consequent paperwork to read) is reduced, and the caliber of candidates is increased. In some case, this can also reduce the likelihood of doubled up CV’s landing on your desk if candidates are also working with multiple recruiters.

Focus is off speed and back on quality

With an exclusive placement, your recruiter is able to do their job thoroughly and in detail, producing the best candidate for the position, instead of the fastest turnaround.

With over 75 years combined experience recruiting in the built environment, our commitment to our partners regardless of exclusivity or not, is customer service and integrity is never compromised in the quest to find the best candidate for a position.

If you’d like to discuss your hiring requirements with our team, contact us on 9867 2406 and follow our LinkedIn Company page for regular industry updates.

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