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Making the most of your commute time

Have you ever thought about how you spend your daily commute to work? Perhaps you’re even at the point of resenting your job because of the commute time.

With the average full-time commuter spending up to 10 hours a week (longer in Melbourne during train works) sitting on public transport or in the car, using this time productively makes sense and is super easy with the technology available in your pocket.

Whether you’re looking to up-skill for career growth, improve your time management or simply spend time doing something you don’t have the time for, we’ve put together a list of ideas to help, and who knows – you might even start looking forward to your commute!


NOTE: Many of these suggestions aren’t recommended if you’re driving, for obvious reasons.


Podcasts and audio books

The popularity of podcasts is rapidly growing – even recruiters have jumped on the band wagon! Whatever your mood or preferred topic of interest, there’s a podcast for it. Catch up on new industry trends, life hacks, news and more via iTunes, Audible or Google.

Optimise your LinkedIn profile

Keeping your profile regularly updated is a great use of your commute time, particularly if you’re in the job market or interested in being discovered for potential opportunities. You can read our tips for optimising your profile here.

Learn a new skill

In today’s economic climate, a diversified portfolio of skills is an advantageous point of difference and can help open doors to opportunity. So why not start learning the basics of a new language, or upskilling via an online course on your daily commute. Language app’s like Duolingo are great for self starters – and it’s free!


Using LinkedIn as a virtual networking room is great for building connections and increasing your visibility. Regardless of whether or not you’re looking for a new job, continually networking is great for your personal branding, and you never know what could come from it down the track.

Read industry related news

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Catch up on emails

Email is commonly known as a time management black hole, so by allocating your commute time to deleting, flagging and responding to emails will help free up your day for more productive work. In the car? There’s a host of apps that will read your emails to you and have actions navigated by voice command.


Of course using your commute time to stare out the window and day dream or chat to the person next to you is also perfectly acceptable!

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