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5 Tips for Writing a Killer LinkedIn Profile Future Employers will notice

When was the last time you updated your LinkedIn profile?

Even if you aren’t actively searching for your next job role, keeping your LinkedIn profile updated and regularly using the platform to connect and engage with others will put you in good stead if and when you do start thinking about your next move, or event better – appealing as an ideal candidate for the recruiter holding the contract for your dream role.

So what makes a great LinkedIn profile that gets you noticed? Here’s our top tips for crafting a killer profile to put you in the sweet spot for career growth.


Complete your profile

The more complete your profile, the more likely it is you’ll be found. Not only will you show up in more searches, but when a recruiter checks out your profile, they can quickly find out your skills, where you’ve worked and what people think about you. So be sure to complete every section and follow the prompts and suggestions LinkedIn provide you to help optimise your profile.

Use a professional photo

Unlike other social channels, a head shot of you at the pub on Saturday night isn’t going to cut it. Instead, choose a clear, friendly and appropriately professional image for your industry, and show some personality. Change them up and see what works best, or try being pictured with your camera if you’re a photographer, on site if a construction project manager, or at your desk with architectural plans.

Write a standout headline

Your profile headline doesn’t have to be your job title. Instead, get creative and use this space to stand out with a value proposition, use of keywords and something that sticks. The use of  | bars is also popular to help break it up and provide structure ie. Connecting great staff with greater employers | HR Recruitment Consultant.

Write in the first person

Your profile should read like a conversation, not a CV. Be you and inject personality into your profile by talking in the first person and sharing your values and passions, as well as giving a glimpse into who you are outside of work.

Include contact info

Other than connecting with you on LinkedIn, let people easily reach out to you by providing offline contact details. Consider it a virtual business card!



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