How We're Helping Prevent Youth Homelessness

Stratacon Professional Recruitment are proud supporters of Kids Under Cover in the prevention of youth homelessness.

Kids Under Cover have been providing housing solutions and support for vulnerable and disadvantaged young people for the last 30 years and is the only not-for-profit in Australia delivering the unique combination of studio accommodation (placed in backyards) and education scholarships as a practical proven strategy in preventing youth homelessness. It is Kids Under Cover’s mission to provide young people at risk of homelessness the foundations to strengthen their connection to family, community and education to make a lasting difference in their lives.

116,000 Australian’s are now experiencing homelessness.

2 in every 5 people are under the age of 25.


Kids under Cover


As part of our commitment to Kids Under Cover, our aim is to raise $65,000 over the next 3 years to go towards building a relocatable studio in the backyard of a family in need.

This studio will provide a stable space for a young person to grow and study while keeping them connected to their family and reducing the risk of them being forced to leave home prematurely.

Our team will personally be on site to help build the studio and look forward to meeting the family we’re helping.


Why Kids Under Cover

We’ve chosen Kids Under Cover as our chosen charity based on their mission and how they align with our own team values of building better futures.

By assisting in building the foundations for all young Australian’s to receive the same level of opportunity, we’re contributing to building better futures.


By making space for living we make space for a brighter future.


How we’re helping make a difference

We’ve organised numerous fundraising opportunities for our community to be involved in to help us raise these much needed funds. To stay up to date on these events and how you can be involved, follow us on LinkedIn.

We’ll also be donating a portion of our profits to Kids Under Cover to help us reach our goal.

Your assistance is appreciated in helping us reach this goal of providing a safe and stable home for a youth at risk and in turn, do our part in contributing to a community where no young person is homeless.

All donations can be made via our My Cause page here, and inquiries of how you can help can be sent to




Register for tickets here



We thank you in advance for your support, and invite you to follow our progress on LinkedIn.