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How to Navigate the ‘Local Experience’ Requirement in your Job Search




Our role as recruiters is a pretty rewarding one, delivering dream jobs that make people want to jump out of bed in the morning, every day of the week.

On the other hand, letting candidates know their application wasn’t successful is a tough gig, and definitely deflates the highs of gifting.

One of the most common requirements and cause for knock-backs is a lack of local experience, particularly for contract roles with Victoria’s local government bodies. Regardless of experience off-shore, this is a necessary requirement due to differing licences and construction safety standards here in Australia.

Job requirements in terms of skills and experience are often set by our client for a reason, and despite our best intentions to provide candidate options who show promise in cultural fit, meet the majority of qualifications but perhaps come from adjacent industries for example, local experience is unfortunately one we can’t budge on.

But that’s not to say that’s where it ends for your job search.


So if you find this is your stumbling block and preventing you from getting an interview, here’s our tips to hep get you through the door.


Get your VISA and White Card in check

It helps when you are already living here and have the required VISA and White Card before applying for a role, as this will speed the process up. Most contract roles are for an immediate start so you will need to be able to hit the ground running.

Police checks are also a common request so worthwhile getting.


Study locally

This will help bring your qualifications up to speed with Australian standards.


Contact the recruiter before applying

This is often overlooked when you’re in job search mode, as it’s now easier than ever to apply online with the click of a button. But if it’s a job you know you want, why wouldn’t you put your best foot forward first?

Contacting the recruiter allows you to flesh out the ‘must have’ and ‘nice to have’ requirements of the role, ask further questions about the role, and ultimately make an impression.

TIP: If you are applying online, be sure your LinkedIn profile is up to date and presenting your best self.

If local experience is required, speak with the consultant about other opportunities they have including entry level positions, graduate programs they know of etc.


Applying for roles at a lower level than your previous is another great way to get the hands-on local experience you require to then build on in Australia. Local government contract positions are in abundance in Victoria thanks to a number of infrastructure projects, so consider applying for short-term temporary positions to get a foot in the door. Your consultant can guide you on this too.


If you’re keen to explore contract opportunities in Victoria, contact our team for a confidential chat about your requirements, or see our jobs board for current vacancies.

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