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Future-proofing Job Roles in Construction, Architecture and Engineering

With a changing global economy and massive technology disruption, the future of the Australian workforce is causing major uncertainty in various industries.

A Parliamentary Inquiry into the Future of Work and Workers has spent the last 12 months hearing from different industries, experts and academics about the future of employment; including the hot topic of automation, robotics, artificial intelligence and 3D printing.



“Rather than seeing the wholesale replacement of jobs, we think it’s more likely to see changes to tasks within jobs,” reported Queensland Labor Senator Murray Watt, Chair of the Inquiry.

So how does this effect jobs in the construction, architecture and engineering sector?

The good news is that whilst artificial intelligence and robotics will replace some jobs (like Sam the brick laying robot), they will also create new ones, and employees need to be proactive in managing their own futures.

Future-proofing your job

If you’ve ever seen the movie of the true story, Hidden Figures, you’ll know that up-skilling can make you a viable asset to employers, even when technology replaces you or some of the tasks you perform.

Adding to your skill set and future-proofing your job will help facilitate a shift towards automation, and speaking with your employer about career growth opportunities will ensure you avoid any nasty surprises.


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