We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions as a reference to assist in your job application, but should you have anything else to ask, don’t hesitate in calling our office on 03 9867 2406.


How does the recruitment process work?

We work with you, representing you to our clients, to find the ideal position for you based on your skill set and what you are looking for in your next opportunity.


Does it cost anything for you to find me a job?

As a candidate, our service to you is FREE! We represent you until we successfully place you in your next role and at no charge to you.


Do you send my CV to companies without my knowledge?

Absolutely not. We ensure we have your consent before reaching out to companies.


Why can’t you tell me who the client is initially?

Unfortunately we won’t be able to let you know this information until we move to the interview process, due to the client wanting us to keep this confidential for the time being.


Why do I need to meet you before you submit my resume for a position?

As part of our positive practice for both clients and candidates, we like to meet you in person so we can better understand your experiences, skill sets and personality to formulate a plan regarding the type of roles you would like to aim for in the future,  assisting you to move seamlessly though the process.


How do I get a job without any local experience?

Unfortunately it can be hard to get a foot in the door without having any prior local experience. Most clients seek recruiters to find people with a specific skill set and experience.

This doesn’t mean however that you won’t be considered. We encourage you to contact us directly before applying so we can gain a better understanding of your situation, and also suggest approaching companies you would like to work for directly (read up and prepare notes on the client, decision maker you would be speaking to), be open to short term contracts and build a network of professionals in your expertise that you can stay connected with.


What is my potential Manager like?

We’re always open and honest so there are no surprises down the track. Your consultant will paint a clear picture on the good and the challenging aspects of the position and the Manager you will be reporting to.

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