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Day 8 Job Search Challenge: Collect References

Do you know what other’s would say about your work ethic and achievements if asked? Do you know previous employers who would be happy to help in your job search by recommending you?

Day 8: Collecting references

References serve as a powerful tool during the hiring process. Hiring managers often contact references to find out what a candidate can truly accomplish and what they’re like to work with. This is why it’s important for job seekers to carefully choose their references before applying for jobs. 

Our top tips for choosing who to include as referees: 

  • Think carefully before selecting
  • Ask for their permission 
  • Collect the important contact details 
  • Let them know you are looking and to expect a call 
  • Don’t forget to ask for recommendations on LinkedIn to build you profile


Tomorrow’s challenge will focus on getting interview ready! But if you’re only just joining us or have missed a day’s challenge, you can check back in on them here.

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