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Day 6 Job Search Challenge: Workplace Culture

We’re now half way through our job search challenge! You’re on the home stretch to improving the success of your job search. Missed a day? You can catch up here.

Today’s challenge and tips are on defining the ideal workplace culture that brings out the best in you, because you want to be happy at work, right!


Day 6: Identify your ideal workplace culture

Knowing the type of workplace culture and environment that brings out the best in you will play an important role in your job search. Cultural fit is just as important as job fit and your ability to perform the duties of the position you’re hired for. If you’re not happy with the culture you find yourself working in, then you’re likely in for a long road of difficult situations, choices, and unhappiness when it comes to your job. 

So our top tips for identifying the type of culture and ideal work day looks like are to ask yourself: 

  1. What type of office environment do you want to work in? 
  2. Do you prefer to work for a large or small organisation? 
  3. What type of management structure do you prefer? 
  4. How do I like to be shown that my work is valued? 
  5. What core values do I want to work with? 


Together with our tips from the last 5 days, you’re well on your way to knowing what you want from your next role. The last few days of the challenge are about the next steps.


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