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Day 5 Job Search Challenge: Research the market



We’re half way through our 10 day job search challenge – have you been keeping up? If not you can catch up on them here:

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Today’s challenge and tips involve you taking a proactive step in searching for your ideal role and type of company you’d like to work for.


Day 5 challenge: research the market

Researching the industry, job market and the types of organisations you’d like to work for will help:

  • Narrow your job search. Rather than wasting your time applying for multiple jobs, you can focus on only the ones you really feel strongly about.
  • Identify the best opportunities for you. You’ll know which opportunities are a good fit or not.
  • Gives you a competitive advantage by developing your knowledge about the sector.


We recommend a number of methods for completing this research, including:

  • Subscribing to email alerts. These can be with organisations themselves for both job and industry new, as well as recruiters for job alerts in your industry.
  • Being active on LinkedIn. See the previous challenge for our points on using groups, connections and Company pages.
  • Explore career sites. Research the demand for your skills in your industry, key stakeholders/organisations in the sector who are currently sourcing, key issues impacting the sector and use the salary guides.


Industry and market knowledge is a powerful advantage in any job search as you’ll not only know where you sit in terms of demand for your skills, but also the types of companies you’d like to work for to grow your career.


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