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Day 4 Job Search Challenge: Updating your resume



When was the last time you updated your resume?

Our guess is the last time you applied for a job – right?!

Even if you aren’t actively looking right now, it’s a good idea to keep your resume updated regularly, for the simple reason that it’s easier to record your accomplishments as you go, rather than trying to remember them when your dream job presents itself. It will also mean you have it on hand when all your hard work from our last 3 tips of our challenge pay off and you receive a call from a recruiter with your dream job!

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Day 4: Update your resume

Our suggestion is to always have a few variations of your resume too, applicable to the jobs you want to apply for. And despite popular belief, cover letters are still highly regarded! So always be sure to include one that has been personalised for the specific job and gives the reader more of an insight into you, why you’re applying the job and how you can make an impact.


Our top tips for crafting your resume are:

  • Create your resume in Word. Don’t get bogged down trying to make it look flash by doing it in Canva or PowerPoint. Particularly if submitting via a jobs board as any screening software used won’t be able to read it correctly.
  • Craft your resume specifically for the type of position you’re applying for. Look for key words in the job description and scatter these throughout if relevant to your skills and experience.
  • Make the top 1/3 dedicated to a qualifications profile/summary. Catch the reader’s attention early by answering the minimum requirements.
  • Give specific examples. This is why keeping it updated regularly is important as you will be able to document them all without forgetting any. Validate your individual skills using an example for each.
  • Provide a cover letter. Despite popular belief, we do read them! Tell us a little about yourself beyond what we’ll find in the resume, why you’re interested in the role and how you intend to make a difference.


Don’t be afraid to get specific and toot your own horn with your resume! We need to get as much information as possible from this simple document which could ultimately mean the difference between you getting a call for an interview or not – so make it count!


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