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Day 10 Job Search Challenge: Connect with a recruiter

You made it! Welcome to the final day of our 10-day job search challenge.

This wouldn’t be a job search challenge without today’s tip…


Day 10: Connect with a recruiter

A recruiter can be a valuable resource when looking for a job for a number of reasons:

  • Access to unpublished jobs 
  • No salary guesswork 
  • Preparation help 
  • Feedback  
  • Confidentiality  
  • Customised career plans
  • Market intelligence


So how do you choose the recruiter that’s right for you?

Our suggestion is to do your research, and seek out a recruiter that specialises in your sector. That way they have the contacts and the market knowledge to be your best advocate during your job search.

Request that the recruiter seeks your approval before presenting your resume for a job opening to eliminate the possibility of frivolous or duplicate applications. Also, ask about his or her experience with the employers you are interested in (including specifics about the number of positions filled over the past 1–2 years).

Meet with them face to face to get to know them too. The best recruiters work tirelessly to understand your professional history and career aspirations so they can offer personalised and effective advice throughout the search process. So get to know them.

And that is our final day of this 10-day job search challenge! If you’ve been following along and making inroads, congratulations! We wish you every success with your search. If we can be of further assistance, contact us for a confidential discussion with one of our specialist recruiters.


Good luck!

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