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Curve Ball Interview Questions You Can Prepare For

We’ve all been there: sitting in an interview for a dream job you know you’re perfectly qualified for, all is going well, and then BOOM. The curve ball question you couldn’t possibly prepare for comes out of nowhere and hits you for six.

You’re left stumbling your way through your response and before long, time is called and it’s over.

Sound familiar?

Curve ball questions are designed to disarm you and see how well you think laterally, rather than how well you can prepare for an interview. They can help the interviewer understand more of your style of management, how you like to be managed, your personality, how well you work in a team and more.

One of the advantages of working with a recruiter when looking for a new job position is they can provide you with inside knowledge on who will be interviewing you, the culture of the Company, and the types of questions you can expect to be asked.

So we did a quick whip around the office to ask our Consultants for some of the hard-hitting curve ball questions they’ve heard of (or ask) to help give you a head start for your next interview.


Describe a moment or event that has shaped the person you are today?

Your interviewer is trying to get an understanding of how well you adapt and respond to change. Your answer doesn’t necessarily have to be an office situation, instead think of any life lesson or experience that has made a mark on you and changed the way you do things now. Travel experiences are a great reference point for these types of questions, and where possible, try and include in your answer how this change is relevant to how you condone yourself in and out of the workplace.


Who is your idol?

This is a weird one but a goodie! The interviewer is trying to understand the values you align yourself with, which in turn determines if you are a good fit culturally or not.  So think about how this person has made an impression on you, and draw comparisons where possible. Interesting idol choices make great conversation tangents too, so you might even find some common ground with your interviewer.


What are the 3 most important things to you in your next role?

Your employer wants to know your career goals and if they can in fact facilitate those for you. Be honest and discuss your reasons for looking to leave your current position if relevant. Whilst this can be the decider between being offered the job or not, if they can’t meet your expectations then it wasn’t the right position for you anyway.


Why were you not promoted at your last role?

There are many reasons employees are not promoted internally, but determining whether or not it was something to do with you or not is what the interviewer is trying to understand with this question. Perhaps you lacked visibility because you had your head down working hard and failed to market yourself sufficiently; or there was no-one to replace you, in which case you were being held back. It could be that your current/former employer could not provide the growth you required to progress in your career. Be clear with what you want to achieve with your next role to ensure you don’t move sideways.


Curve ball questions are designed to throw you a little, but by knowing the fundamentals of why you are being asked these questions can help you think about the answer more clearly and nail your response.


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