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Benefits of Working with a Recruiter

You’ve received your fourth call from a recruiter this month – a good sign your LinkedIn profile is working for you and that your skills are in demand. Go you!

A recruiter can be a valuable resource when looking for a job; but if you haven’t worked with a recruiter before and wondering if it’s worth your time, here’s a few benefits that may have you answering one of those calls.


Access to Unpublished Job Openings

A recruitment consultant knows about available dream jobs before you do. Our relationships and daily sourcing of opportunities mean we’re looking, even when you’re not.


No salary guesswork

By establishing a strong working relationship with a recruiter, they’ll know your value and the salary you deserve. It’s in their best interests to place you in a role that is a good fit for both you and the Company, so you won’t be wasting time applying for jobs you are overqualified for and risk being underpaid and unhappy.


Preparation Help

Consider your recruiter as a personal cheer squad. Whilst it may seem like another interview to add to the process, meeting with them will give you a deeper insight into the job role, the interviewer and workplace culture when assessing new opportunities and preparing for interview.

A good consultant can also coach you on presentation skills, interview techniques, industry knowledge and more.



No more waiting by the phone! Your recruiter will be in touch with the employer for feedback which can then be passed onto you directly – with or without a job offer.



This is of particular importance if you are open to seeking new opportunities whilst still employed.


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