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Benefits of contract work in Melbourne

Have you considered being open to temp or contract employment opportunities?

With an increasing number of projects offering contract roles, it’s a viable employment option to consider as it can significantly help reduce the stress and urgency of finding a job, while helping you keep your employable skills up-to-date.

Other benefits include:


  1. Flexibility to try new work types.  If you’re looking at moving your career in a different direction, contract work is a great way to try different types of jobs and industries, without the long-term commitment. You can get a taste of a role and the organisation’s culture, then choose to take on a role permanently if offered one, or move on to the next opportunity if you decide it’s not something you enjoy.
  2. Professional diversity.  Contracting can help you build a diverse portfolio of work experience that makes you extremely marketable to future employers.
  3. Expanding your network. Getting a foot in the door with multiple companies allows you to connect with new colleagues and clients, growing your potential referees as you continue your search for full-time employment.


So how do you include contract job roles in your job search?

Our team are specialists in contract and temporary placements in construction and have a few tips for helping your application move forward to interviews.


  • Highlight your local experience, as you must ideally have experience working in the relevant public sector environments to complement your Australian experience, plus a valid work Visa to permit you to work in Australia.
  • You must be available to start immediately or within a maximum two week period
  • Provide facts & figures in your CV for example:
    • For Project Managers in the Capital Works teams we want to know the type of project you have worked on, the value of the project ($), what parts of the PM process you were responsible for, if not the entire project end to end.
    • For Statutory Planners, what case load (amount of applications) were you managing concurrently and what type of applications have you had experience processing. Have you prepared documentation and presented at VCAT?
    • For Administration/Business Support Candidates, you need to provide detail of what you have worked on to give context to the reader of your CV ie. how many people were you supporting, how many invoices did you process on a daily/weekly basis etc. If you were managing travel, did this include international trips, accommodation requirements and event registration? How frequent was this task and for how many people were you doing it for?
  • Include key achievements you really want to stand out on your CV, including examples of where you have been recognised for a piece of work, gone over and above the requirements of your position or have improved a process to increase efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Relevant qualifications
  • Victorian Driver’s License
  • Two references
  • Sometimes it’s necessary to have more than one version of your CV customised for the type of position you are aiming for.


Our team are here to assist you through the process of working with the varying industry bodies with regular contact during your first few weeks of employment, and when the end of your contract nears, we’re also able to help you move onto the next one. You may even have your contract extended, or offered a permanent position!

You can see a full list of current contract roles available in Melbourne here, and be sure to follow our LinkedIn page for regular industry updates.

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