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5 Advantages to Searching for a Job in December

With the end of the year now in sight, the Christmas decorations up and long summer days ahead, you could be forgiven for thinking now isn’t the time to be looking for a new job. The beach is calling, right?

If there’s one piece of advice we can provide candidates at this time of year, it’s don’t give up in December. Instead, take the laptop to the beach, reach out to a recruiter and get an edge on your competition.

Here’s why.

Businesses are briefing for the new year

Whilst businesses may seemingly be winding down, the reality is that very few close for any more than a few days over the Christmas break. In fact, many use this time for planning projects for the new year as budgets have been approved and hiring managers are keen to get vacant positions filled. So making yourself known during this period will prove worthwhile and put you top of mind.

Reaching out to a recruiter who works within your chosen industry will also help as they are often briefed on these positions well before they become public knowledge. You can read more about the benefits of working with a recruiter here.

There’s less competition

Everyone’s at the beach.

Social activities provide networking opportunities

December is a month when your social calendar should be full of invitations to events outside of your own inner circle. So use these to your advantage by making connections and putting your feelers out for available roles with companies of interest – preferably not at your own work office party though!

Seasonal work can lead to permanent placement

December traditionally sees an increase in temporary or contract work to fulfill short-term demand – and not just in retail. Industries such as the areas Stratacon recruit in (construction, architecture, engineering and property) also see spikes due to deadlines and staff shortages.

In many cases, these temporary positions can often lead to long-term or permanent placements if the opportunity arises, so should be considered if the option presents itself and it aligns with your goals.

It’s quitting season

For whatever reason, December is notorious for people quitting their jobs or leaving for other opportunities in the new year. So it’s a great time to be snapping up positions that weren’t previously open as an unexpected departure can leave a company scrambling to fill the position quickly.

Still thinking you’ll wait until the new year to look for a new job?

Before you rush off to the beach, consider this: it takes an average of 82 days for Australians to find a new job. That’s nearly a quarter of your year. Can you wait that long?

If you’re searching for a new opportunity within the Melbourne construction, architecture, engineering or property sector, get in touch with our friendly consultants for a confidential chat on 03 9867 2406 or follow our LinkedIn Company Page for industry news and job alerts. Our placements take an average of 40 days or less for permanent positions, and less than 72 hours for contract.

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